Mojar Ranna ( is one of the most popular recipe websites in Bangladesh. This recipe website is operated by Ayan IT. The website was launched on May 26, 2016. The website has a place in the minds of readers. The number of readers on the website is increasing day by day. At present, the number of followers of the Facebook page of the website has increased by more than 1 lakh 53 thousand and the number is increasing daily.

Characteristics of Mojar Ranna

Among the features of Mojar Ranna, this website offers various recipes in Bengali. The website contains recipes from Bangladeshi traditional foods to name a few of the world’s most expensive foods. Every day many people are getting the knowledge of cooking from this website and applying that knowledge in their daily life. Many unknown recipes are learning from this website.

Mojar Ranna websites contain different types of recipes

1. Bangladeshi cuisine

2. Chinese cuisine

3. Italian cuisine

4. French cuisine

5. Patty recipe

6. Fish recipe

7. Recipe of meat

8. Home-cooked

9. Gourmet recipe

10. Recipe of Patty Puli

11. Breakfast recipe

12. Baking recipe

13. Special recipes

14. Ice cream recipe

15. dessert recipe

16. vegetable recipes

17. There are many other recipes, including rice recipes

International cuisine of Mojar Ranna

Mojar Ranna websites are hit from many countries. The Bengali community of different countries of the world are reading the recipe from this recipe website.

The goal of Mojar Ranna

Mojar Ranna has started with the goal of delivering recipes to people in the Bengali community, including the people of Bangladesh. Hopefully, fun cooking is going a little further towards meeting that goal.